Joining the Regiment is very easy, the only difficult decision is deciding what you want to do. We have many varied roles that you can take part in. Below is a picture of some of our musketeers relaxing pre-battle, they may look like trained hardened killers but don’t let their posture deceive you, they are really really nice, honest!

Below you’ll see all the roles we offer to recruits. Each one is specialised and all require their own training and support. As a Regiment it’s our responsibility to ensure that you not only enjoy your pastime but you do it in a safe environment that protects you and those around you.




Pikeman :- The heavy infantryman of the 17th century. Armed with a 16ft pike this role can be quite physically demanding but very rewarding.

Musketeer:- Armed with a matchlock or early flintlock musket this role demands the highest degree of training due to the use of black powder but firing a volley on a battlefield with perhaps another 5-600 musketeers can be an amazing sight.

Living History:- Bringing the 17th century to life in original encampments, open fires and the ever wary apothecary ready to apply some of his latest medicinal cures!

Drums and Colours:- The heart of every regiment relies on drums to relay commands and the colours are the rallying point.

Battlefield Support:- Accompanying our troops onto the field is our support group. They will carry water, essential during a hot battle, various instruments and tools to help those quick battlefield repairs and above all a bag of ‘Jelly Babies’ well what did you expect from a bunch of 21st century warriors?

Artillery:- Yep you can even get a chance to work on the big guns, lots of noise and smoke and a terrific experience.

Finally not forgetting the all important social activities, these are at the heart of our weekends, from beer tents with bands to BBQs and cups of tea!

Contact us and start your re-enactment journey.